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Has Anxiety Taken Over Your Life?

Are you one of 2.3 million Australians Suffering from Anxiety? Call us and we can help you.
Anxiety is a normal human emotion. All of us experience anxiety at times. Most of the time, it is normal to experience anxiety as a response to a stressful event or perceived threat. When you manage to avoid a car accident, immediately you might experience increased heartbeat, sweating, or difficulty breathing. It is a normal response to the situation.
When Anxiety does become a problem?
Anxiety can become a problem when we constantly experience fear without a clear threat. The feeling of heightened anxiety can become a problem and interfere with your functioning, making it difficult to cope with normal daily demands.
Anxiety disorder generally involves feelings of tension, distress or nervousness. Like depression, anxiety is common in Sydney According to the National Survey of Mental Health and Wellbeing (2007), 2.3 million Australians aged 16-85 suffers from some sort of anxiety disorder.
Does anxiety run and ruin your life?
The main characteristics of anxiety include ongoing worry or thoughts that are distressing and interfere with daily living. Other symptoms can be:
  • - Confusion
  • - Sweating
  • - Faintness or Dizziness
  • - Rapid Heart Beat
  • - Difficulty breathing
  • - Upset stomach or nausea
  • - Restlessness
  • - Avoiding behaviours
  • - Irritability
And now ask yourself:
  • - How often do I experience these symptoms?
  • - Do I notice when you experience them?
  • - Does it happen all the time, so I now believe that it is a part of your personality?
We can help you
If you believe that your anxiety becomes a problem contact us today by filling out our contact form. Our psychologist team can help you understand and manage your anxiety.

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