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Depression is more than just sadness. Depression is an emotional, physical and cognitive state that is intense, long lasting and has many negative effects on a person’s daily functioning. Some other symptoms may include:
  • - Loss of interest in pleasurable activity
  • - Worrying and negative thinking
  • - Irritability, agitation and fatigue
  • - Changes in sleeping patterns
  • - Hopelessness

Almost a million Australians are depressed.
Almost a million Australians are depressed. It is not a sign of weakness or lack of discipline if you cannot just shake it off. In fact, almost 50% of people who experienced depression in the past find that it comes back, despite the fact that they managed full recovery. People who are depressed have a very harsh negative view of themselves:
  • - Why can’t I succeed?
  • - I hate myself
  • - I don’t think I can go on
  • - I am worthless
  • - I am up against the world
  • - No one understand me
  • - I feel so helpless
  • - Nothing feels good anymore
  • - What is wrong with me
  • - My life is a mess

If your unhappiness will not go away, may be it is time to get professional help. Contact us today for a consultation to find out how we can help you to combat depression or persistent unhappiness. Do you think you might have depression? Don’t give up the fight.

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