Victims of Crime Counselling Sydney

Are you a victim of crime?

We can help you. You might be eligible to receive free counselling through Victims Services in New South Wales.
Yuliya Richard provides counselling to people who have endured suffering and trauma, as a result of experiencing a cruel act of violence and crime inflicted by another person or a group of people. Often these acts are recurrent and horrific in nature, including sexual, physical and emotional abuse.
People who have been victims of crime, have witnessed a crime being committed, or have gone through a near-death experience might experience a range of symptoms. Some of these symptoms may include:
  • - Nightmares
  • - Insomnia
  • - Irritability
  • - Overwhelming sadness
  • - Feeling overly sensitive
  • - An inability to enjoy life (or previously enjoyable activities)
  • - Aggressive behaviour
  • - Angry outbursts
  • - An inability to relax
  • - Not being able to feel safe.

Often what prevents people from seeking help is the belief that no one can help them with their problems, or understand what they have been through.
Sometimes people feel that the perpetrators of the violence and crime did not receive adequate punishment for what they did. Strong feelings of unfairness and injustice can be present if the outcome of the court case was less than satisfactory for the victim.
Many people who endured suffering as a result of a perpetrator’s actions will never actually report the crime as they think that no one will believe them. If the crime happened a long time ago they might mistakenly feel they should be over it, or – even worse – that somehow it is their own fault.
Needless to say, the impact of such trauma and suffering can have a long-lasting impact on people. There is a high occurrence of post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, and substance abuse within victim populations.
If you have been through an ordeal and experienced any of the above-mentioned symptoms or find it difficult to move on with your life, we can provide support.  Counselling services will help you to work through the symptoms of trauma following abuse or crime, to better understand and deal with difficult emotions, to develop effective coping strategies and to build resilience.
If you live in NSW you might be eligible for free counselling through Victims Services. It is part of the NSW Department of Attorney General and Justice. They provide support and information for victims of crime in NSW.  One of the services offered to eligible Victims of Crime is free counselling.  Please refer to the Victims Services website to find out if you are eligible to receive free counselling. If you reside outside of NSW you might be able to access similar services in your state.
Regardless of your eligibility for Victims Services support, we can help you. If you would like to restore balance and move on with your life, if you would like to deal with the past effectively and grow stronger and more resilient talk to us.

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